Police: Windows being shot out

GLOVERSVILLE – The city Police Department is investigating complaints about car and house windows being shot out.

Authorities said a person or people have been using sling shots or BB guns to shoot out windows.

Capt. John Sira said there have been more than 20 complaints in the last two months where numerous marbles have been used with what is believed to be a sling shot to break windows in the area.

“We have also had instances in the same period of time where people have had damage based on the use of a BB or pellet gun,” Sira said. “On Thanksgiving night, we had someone run through the Walmart [parking lot] with a paintball gun shooting at customers’ vehicles.”

He said the incidents are believed to be related and those responsible are doing so by vehicle.

Sira said the time of the incidents are random but often occur during the weekend.

The Police Department is following up on several leads to determine the identity of the people responsible, police said.

Residents who have fallen victim to an incident of this nature are advised to contact the Police Department if they have not already done so.

Residents also are asked to be alert to suspicious people and vehicles in the neighborhoods and report such activity to the Police Department.

Those looking to report suspicious activity or a related incidents are advised to call the Detective Division at 773-4505, the sergeants desk at 773-4506 or Central Dispatch at 736-2100.