Fund education fairly

I recently attended a presentation on state aid for education at Queensbury High School. I guess I’ve been living under a rock, because I was stunned by what I heard. I knew the state had decreased its share of aid to schools, and I knew about the new 2 percent tax cap, a law enacted two years ago to limit how much schools can raise their tax levy from year to year. I also knew about the uproar over the new Common Core and Annual Professional Performance Review requirements the state has imposed. But I had no idea that the state hasn’t even given schools aid it already promised to them five years ago.

Most schools in the state are currently operating with severely restricted budgets. To think they planned for aid that has not come is unconscionable. No one thinks education is unimportant, so how can this happen? Maybe it’s because most people don’t even realize the depths to which our state government has relegated education aid. If New York state wants to realize its goal of improving public education throughout the state, it must provide reliable aid to support the efforts of all local schools.

Please sign my petition to Gov.?Andrew Cuomo, the state Legislature, and Board of Regents asking them to eliminate all Gap Elimination Adjustments for the 2014-15 school year and thereby restoring aid already promised. You can find the petition on the Galway Central School District’s website or at