Get accurate information about proposal

During the month of November, I attended the two meetings held at Northville Central School during which information concerning the proposed merger of the Northville and Mayfield school districts was presented. Information in an updated study of the proposal was highlighted by Debra Lynker, interim superintendent for Northville. The information developed by the study team was presented accurately and objectively. Lynker answered questions forthrightly and promised to make herself available as her schedule permits to answer questions and provide accurate information.

One participant at the hearings asked if board members would share their opinions on the merits of the merger and, if in favor or opposed, would state the reason(s) for their view. It was pointed out that as the proposition is subject to a vote, board members are not permitted, in any way, to attempt to influence the outcome. After Nov. 22 no additional public information sessions could be held.

There is much at stake and many stakeholders in the upcoming vote. You owe it to yourself to be informed on the issues and you are owed truthful and accurate information in arriving at your decision. Question what you may hear on the street, even if it comes from what appears to be an “official” source and is stated authoritatively. Obtain a copy of the updated study and if, after reviewing it, you have additional questions, contact the superintendent for accurate and up-to-date information