Many helped make benefit a success

David A. Fisher Sr. and our family would like to thank so many people for making David’s benefit such a success. It was truly so nice to know so many support us in our time of need. Thank you to my co-workers at Wilkinson’s and to the foundation of St. Mary’s Hospital, Danforth Fund, Dr. Su and all the staff in his office; our three children and their spouses, Jennifer Fisher, Christy Anderson, Desiree and Konrad Edwards, David A. Fisher Jr. and Sam Briggs; our grandchildren for keeping us going; Laura Lee for so many things she has done; Ambur and Kiley Carden, Kathy Spagnola, Liz Loucks, Marj Kline, Pam Hillburn, and everyone who cooked or worked and made baskets or who is just there to listen when we need someone; Jim Nellis, Amanda Laird, Tony Anzalone, Jacob VanNostrand (for music).

Businesses: Amsterdam Staples, The Wine Barrell, Amsterdam Tractor Supply, Bona’s, Fit Happens (Gloversville), Nanny and Pops diner, Extreme Pressure Washing, C.W. Hair Designs (Jill Saunders), Forget Me Knots, Leonzo’s, Snow Cone Joe, T.J. Auto (Mayfield), Johnstown Car Wash, Galway Stewart’s, Avon (Laura Lee), Blue Rhinno (Doug Darling), Princess House (Jennifer Fisher, Carla Rose, Eileen Weatherwok, Tanya Grime), In Tunes DJ, Jr. Cutting Crew (Kristine Lavada), Dunday’s, Doll House, East Fulton Street Deli, Big Mike’s, Beacons Wholesale, Fort Plain VFW, Corfit, Pure Romance (Kristin Agerter), Service Experts (Konrad Edwards) Frosted New York, Mobile (Mayfield), Sarah Roberts (Someday Studio), Gloversville Hannaford, Gloversville Price Chopper.

We hope we haven’t forgotten to list anyone. Again, thank you all so much mom LeVeille for all you do.

VICKY FISHER and family