Tryon fence set to be dismantled

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Industrial Development Agency doesn’t own the former Tryon site yet, but is seeking persons and firms interested in taking down the site’s security fencing and paying the agency for materials.

IDA Executive Director James Mraz said Monday his agency is seeking payment quotes from people and firms interested in removing existing fencing material at the former Tryon campus, which lies in the towns of Perth and Johnstown.

The IDA currently is attempting to secure a deed for the 515-acre Tryon property from the state. The agency is planning to redevelop the site into a proposed Tryon Technology Park and Incubator Center. A planned future project includes potential physical alteration of 10 acres of land, construction of new internal access roads and a stormwater collection system, and the renovation of sewer pump stations.

The county already has a $2 million state Empire Development Grant to be used to pay for the road and water and sewer upgrades.

Mraz indicated in a news release issued Monday that Fulton County will be proceeding with a construction project in 2014 that will include: constructing new internal access roads, installing new waterlines and sewer lines, and demolishing four existing buildings.

The IDA is seeking quotes from contractors interested in paying the IDA to either: remove the existing fencing, poles, razor ribbon wire and gates for sale as bulk metals; or salvage the existing fencing, poles, razor ribbon wire and gates for reuse.

The person or firm will be responsible for remove from the site all fencing materials, including: approximately 4,431 linear feet of chain link fence, all 3-foot fence posts and concrete, horizontal bracing, razor ribbon wire; sliding gates, tracks and locking mechanisms, barbed wire, and all pole-mounted lights. Mraz said the IDA intends to enter into a written agreement with the responsible firm that will pay the highest amount to the IDA to remove the fencing and lighting materials.

All written quotes must be submitted by 5 p.m. Tuesday to: James E. Mraz, executive director, Fulton County Industrial Development Agency, 1 E. Montgomery St., Johnstown, NY 12095. His phone number and email are: 736-5660; jmraz@co.fulton.ny.