City receives grant for new buses

GLOVERSVILLE – Transit Manager William Walrath told the Common Council the department has received a $390,000 federal grant from the Department of Transportation to buy four new buses.

He said Tuesday the city transit system typically has a fleet of eight buses, although four of the eight already have been taken out of service because of rust issues. The new buses will bring the city back to its full fleet, he said.

“We’re a little bit short, so this will bring us up to the eight buses,” Walrath said.

He said as part of the grant, the city and state each will contribute 10 percent of the cost.

Walrath said the buses range in price, with larger buses costing about $130,000 and smaller buses costing about $65,000.

He said the city is planning to put the buses in the 2014-15 capital budget, He said he’d order the buses in “June, at the earliest.”

“It has to be approved in the city’s capital budget,” he noted.

Walrath said taking older buses out of the fleet will save on repair costs. The new buses would come with warranties and likely have better fuel efficiency, he said.

The primary Gloversville route had more than 17,000 riders last year. The industrial parks and FMCC route gave 23,600 rides last year – about 18,500 of them for FM students. The Amsterdam route had 16,600 riders last year.