Letter distorted what was written before

While I very much hate to do “tit for tat” letters to the editor, Robert Jones’ latest missive demands a reply, as he has decided to distort what has been written in the past. Specifically, his letter published Nov. 21 stated, “When I used the term ‘clowns’ in my letter to the editor, I was referring to politicians of all parties.”

Really, Mr. Jones?

I responded directly to his original letter, which did not mention politicians. It stated, “For all you clowns out there: Democrats, Republicans and the so-called independents, quit arguing about ‘Obamacare,’ whether you are for it or against it. It is the law of the land. …”

I don’t see a reference to, even vaguely, any politician. “For all you clowns out there” seems to be a generalized reference to people.

I’d ask Mr. Jones to write a letter about how well his beloved Obamacare is actually working as opposed to trying to teach me the definition of “clowns.” That would be a better use of his time and maybe more informative to those who agree with him.

Again, no law is set in stone; no religious pun intended, of course.