Teachers must ‘get it’

The overwhelming majority of school teachers are well aware that while to err is human, even one mistake jeopardizing the health or safety of a child is too many. They are to be commended for their vigilance in that regard.

Men and women who don’t “get it” should not be in the teaching profession.

A teacher in Chillicothe, Ohio, made news recently when about 25 sixth-graders in her class failed to heed her orders to settle down after entering the classroom. She took them outside and forced them to stand in the rain. Fortunately, other teachers saw what happened and took the children back inside.

School officials merely reprimanded the teacher, in her first year on the job.

The teacher’s action showed an incredible lack of good judgment.

Schools should have zero tolerance for employees who take risks with youngsters. Doing so intentionally should be grounds for dismissal.