Children will sustain local community

Dear Northville community:

Change is very difficult. If only we had a crystal ball that will show us the best thing to do for the children and our community.

Well, this is what I do know for sure: the new Common Core standards have been implemented in the state to provide each student with higher educational standards than ever before in history. This Common Core is a result of a long-term study claiming that the American children have not been properly educated to compete in this global economy. Northville is not exempt from these standards.

Today’s students are Northville’s future. If our district chooses not to merge, more cuts will be imminent and will result in fewer opportunities for the students to take courses within an academically competitive range with other school districts. What do you think will happen 10 years from now if programs and opportunities continually get cut? The graduates will have substandard opportunities and won’t be able to compete at higher educational levels or be able to compete with graduates from other schools. This will result in being closed out of programs due to their lack of training for the post graduate level.

Another argument is the need to keep our community small and intimate. Well, please remember that the decision to merge is not just about the immediate future, but about the community to be able to sustain itself after we are all long gone. It is our responsibility to provide our future, our students, the best tools and the best education they need to thrive in the future. We have to think beyond this year and next year, but 10 years from now. The school is the very foundation of our community. If the school doesn’t stay competitive and offer parallel programs as our surrounding districts, young families will choose to move into a school district which provides a better educational program to educate their children. Where will our community be then?

Northville has tremendous pride in where it’s been and what it has become. There is no crystal ball to guide our decisions on the merger.

However, look beyond the boundaries and consider what is going on around us. We need to provide our children with the tools necessary to become successful contributing members of society. After all, they are our only chance to sustain this community in the long run.