Good management and merger will help

Change is happening all around us. Things in people’s lives are either getting better or getting worse. Our decision on whether or not to approve a school merger on Jan. 7 will have an influence on what people do for a long time.

To help us make our decision, what do we know and what can we predict? First, we know that within five years, the Northville Central School District will be on the brink of insolvency, through no fault on anyone’s part. We can predict that many decisions will then be taken out of our hands. Second, we know we have the opportunity to merge with the Mayfield Central School District. We can predict that decisions will still be in the hands of the voters of the merged district. Last, whether we are actually aware of it or not, we know that this decision comes down to a case of emotions and economics. We can predict that ultimately economics will win.

Under our present system, we can’t afford to maintain life as we knew it or even as we know it now. We know that our taxes will rise, as they usually do, with or without the merger. Since there will be more resources and economies of scale, we can predict the services a merged district will be able to supply will keep our community the close-knit supportive place to live that we all know and love. After all, it’s ourselves who make that happen. We know that state and federal education regulations and funding has become quite challenging for our school districts. We can predict these requirements will increase and state and federal funding will decrease. Voting “yes” on a school merger and managing it well will have the best outcome for all the people involved for a long time.


Former Northville Jr-Sr High

School principal