Remember teachers, aides on Thanksgiving

There are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving day. I would like to bring to your attention: a group of individuals who every day during the week do their very best in getting our children ready for life.

Although our educational system might need to be improved, I can tell you it’s not because of a lack of dedication by the teachers and their support staff.

Every day of every school week, these dedicated individuals make a difference with our children and often become second parents to them, nourishing and teaching as best as they can within the limitations and sometimes awkward regulations that they have to deal with. Even though the teachers and their support staff were never asked to be part of the development of the new Common Core, they are trying very hard to teach within its constraints and imperfections and are doing miraculously well and so are the students.

It seems impossible to teach what has to be taught now to 25 to 30 students of varying learning abilities and succeed, but they do. They are able to reach out to students in ways that no state test or evaluation will ever be able to measure. They are learning what is right and what is wrong and how to get along with others. Our society as a whole should take refresher courses from our teachers and their support staff and maybe all of the violence and rudeness that exists would be lessened. The Common Core doesn’t address this, but our teachers and their support staff do.

Unfortunately, what happens after our children leave their schools for the day or forever cannot be attributed to the lack of attention and dedication of their teachers and the support staff. Ask a person who he or she remembers the most in their lives, and almost all of the time the answer will be a special teacher(s) and/or teacher’s aide(s). Ask a person who most affected them in their lives, outside of a family member it will usually be that special teacher(s) and/or teacher’s aide(s).

So this Thanksgiving, along with many other things we are grateful for, please, remember to be thankful for our teachers and their support staff/aides. They are making a difference, but they need our support.