Father the greatest teacher for his child

Greater Johnstown School District Superintendent Robert DeLilli commented on the radio that Common Core is provided by the state of New York. And that is that.

The Common Core began in the state of Kentucky Legislature and the The National Governors Association. Forty-six U.S. governors support the Common Core. This is not a federal government program. The analysis is supported by a math test given in 70 nations; U.S. students placed 24th. In years to come, our students will compare better than now, at 22 out of 27 industrialized nations (OECD 2012), according to Time.

Regarding a previous comment by a father, who was unable help his child in second-grade math: Your ability to concentrate is tied up in earning a living, agreeing with your wife, other children, paying bills and many other things. My mother was the same way when I was failing math in school. She did not know about logarithms. She said “read the book, do the examples over and over you will get it.” I did as she instructed and I passed the course.

To the father, I say, please focus, read the section in question, take a pencil and paper and copy out the example in the textbook. Learn the mechanics of the procedure with your child. The book is creditable. The book has been reviewed by several experts in the field (of math). The book was tested by many others before it was printed. You may say it is confusing. Remember, your mind has been focused on many other subjects. Generally the teacher follows the book in presenting the material to the students.

Remember, you are the greatest teacher for your child. With your enthusiasm for the learning process, the child will pick it up before you know it.