Church festival has sweet theme

MAYFIELD – The Mayfield United Methodist Church had one rule Saturday: Everything must be chocolate.

“Everything that comes in [to the church] to be sold has to be chocolate,” church member Dawn Landers said. “Everything has chocolate one way or another, whether it’s in it or on it.”

The church hosted its fifth annual Chocolate Festival and Christmas Faire on Saturday. Festival-goers could try sweet treats, buy used Christmas decorations and enter into a raffle for Christmas-themed gifts.

Tim Hime, a member of the church who helped organize the event, said he thought 200 to 300 people had passed through the festival as of Saturday afternoon.

Ann Marie Hemstreet, another organizer for the event, said there’s always a big turnout for this festival.

“It’s a good way to bring people into the church,” Hemstreet said. “Every year, there always seems to be a big draw for the Christmas and chocolate festival, and I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Christmas and chocolate are truly the perfect combination, and it’s nice to see the church overloaded with people today.”

Church member Carol Abraham said there’s a chocolate-flavored treat for everyone to try.

“There’s variations of everything,” she said.

Landers said she made two kinds of cookies dipped in chocolate: coconut bonbons and a combination of peanut butter, chopped-up maraschino cherries and walnuts, all rolled together.

During the event, she demonstrated how to make chocolate candy and handed out free samples.

People also could donate or buy children’s toys in “Santa’s Toyland” at discounted prices in the church’s basement.

Church members Susan Hornbeck, Betty Frasier and Sally Bennett organized the toyland.

All of the fundraiser’s proceeds are going toward the church’s community outreach program.

“It feels great to help our community during the holiday season,” Frasier said.

“We’re just doing the Lord’s work,” Hornbeck added.

The church will host its ‘Tis the Season Advent Concert on Dec.1 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. with a luncheon at 1 p.m.

Hemstreet said everyone is welcome to attend that event.

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