‘Pigs’ attended the parade

I feel the need to write this letter, since I was totally annoyed on our walk the morning of Nov. 16. The letter is meant for those “pigs” who attended the Johnstown holiday parade Nov. 15. What is so hard about picking up after yourself no matter where you are at any given time? The block of Main Street from Perry to Market streets was an absolute pigsty the morning after the parade. Wrappers, abandoned cups and spilled food were just a few of the things we had to avoid. Is it so hard to walk all of 100 feet to use the pails on every corner? After you ate your Tootsie Roll, couldn’t you place the wrapper in your pocket and empty it when you got home?

Don’t tell me it was the children doing most of the littering because I know they are there with their parents and should be getting parental advice. A little effort could go a long way to keep the city clean.

While I am at it, I have another pet peeve that drives me crazy. When you are out shopping, how hard is it to put your cart in the racks provided or in front of the store? Even on perfectly nice days, some people can’t move their lazy bottoms more than 10 feet to put the cart where it belongs.

I’m done complaining for now, so have a nice day.