New Beginnings offering better choices

About two years ago, a group of people gathered together to share some stories. These stories were about loved ones who were, either currently or at one time, locked away in jail or prison for crimes they committed.

We understood that they were being punished for their actions and deeds, but we were still concerned about their futures; whether they would choose to continue down a path of harming others, their families and themselves.

From that time of stories, we decided with God’s direction to form a ministry called New Beginnings Inc. It’s a group of people dedicated to providing inmates from local jails and their families with mentors and information that can help them make better choices. We wanted them to know they are not alone and that there are people who care about what happens to them. We wanted them to know above all, there is a God who also cares about them. God has blessed us with people who care and a clear path; things have moved right along with no political blockades or internal conflict.

We continue to pray God will lead us to people who want another chance at living, and we pray along the way we will learn with them about what is means to have faith in the midst of the challenges that come with adjusting to life after incarceration. At present, the location of our meetings and mail is Johnstown Reformed Church, 351 N. Perry St.

If anyone would like more information, they can contact us or come to a meeting, which is held on the first Saturday of each month at 1 p.m.