Johnstown cuts deal on timber

JOHNSTOWN – The Common Council on Monday approved a nearly $100,000 contract with a Tioga County firm for the removal of trees at the city’s Cork Center Reservoir site.

Mayor Sarah Slingerland was authorized by the council to execute a city contract with Wagner Millworks LLC of Owego in the amount of $98,436. The company has already paid $3,000 to the city as a bid deposit.

The resolution noted sealed bids for the timber sale were opened by the city Water Department on Sept. 24. The highest bid received was from Wagner Millworks LLC. F&W Forestry Services Inc., the city Water Board’s timber consultant, recommended the board accept the offer. The board passed a resolution Oct. 15 accepting Wagner’s bid.

“The water board is very careful about managing the forest of the watershed,” Slingerland told the council.

Wagner Millworks LLC is agreeing to cut and remove 1,201 trees located on the reservoir site in the town of Johnstown. According to the contract, the firm was allowed to begin retroactively timbering Oct. 18, with the agreement terminating March 30, 2015.

According to the contract, the buyer is agreeing to remove all tops and logging debris from all roads, firebreaks, fields, streams or other open areas. Wagner is expected to cut stumps as low as feasible, with the stump height not to exceed 6 inches, where possible. The buyer also is agreeing to avoid damage to the water system, such as water lines, water tank, valve vaults, chlorination building, hydrants and valves.

In another water matter, Slingerland said the water board wanted the council to know Anjo Construction LTD of Latham will begin installing remote water meters on city properties “in the near future.” She said the firm will start in the north end of the city. She said the meters are more accessible by the water department.

The council in October approved a $597,930 contract with Anjo for purchase of the meters. The water department opened sealed bids for the purchase of remote-read meters June 25. The meters can be read remotely by a device outside of the residence.


Some details of the Johnstown City Water Department timber sale:

Vendor: Wagner Millworks LLC of Owego, Tioga County

Contract terms: two years, $98,436

Location: 1,201 trees at Cork Center Reservoir, town of Johnstown