Charity the way to go

Finally, more and more of the high-profile national and regional pollsters are now focusing upon the long-accepted fact that the private, grassroots survey project, “one-by-one, voices heard,” has been constantly spotlighting since the program was first created in 2009, that the best way to make positive changes in society is through volunteer organizations and charities, rather than depending entirely upon government agencies to get the job done.

Whenever the observation is made that very often in many circumstances, a non-profit entity can successfully accomplish a lot more with literally $1 than what the government does with $10, elected representatives – who keep their political careers intact by generously handing out enormous yearly member-item financial gifts to constituents – openly scoff at such remarks. Yet, according to one USA/Bipartisan policy center poll, by a 2-1 ratio, responses indicated that instead of becoming active in the overall political arena and attempting to create positive changes, people younger than 30 believe becoming a volunteer in a partnership between the public and private sector is a far more intelligent choice than considering participation in politics as an important value in their lives.

Volunteer-based organizations and charities becoming equal partners with governmental agencies can and do succeed in solving the many social needs that prevail in today’s world, with far less money than government, acting alone, would usually spend.

Charitable organizations, year after year, assemble astonishingly impressive proven records of immediately addressing existing problems that government, at all levels, only talk about in campaign speeches, Town Hall gatherings and TV sound bites. Non-profits, instead, are achieving desired results, where government would continually misspend too much money, with little to show for it.

With the emergence of Saratoga as an attractive, worldwide global tourism mecca, limitless international cultural-tourist response markets will be collaterally created for every type of non-profit fundraising event taking place in counties surrounding the area.

Charities, which have already established their individual expertise in successfully reaching out to community needs, will find Saratoga’s continued economic progress also can become their continued charitable progress as well.