Amsterdam runners earn Big 10 honors

Amsterdam had several of its runners honored on the recently announced Big 10 cross country all-star team.

Amsterdam girls coach Stu Palczak was named Big 10 girls Coach of the Year.

Chantel Dopp, Olivia Lazarou and Ilenis Quinones were named girls first-team all-stars for the Lady Rams, who won their first team title since 2009 at the Big 10 Championships on Oct. 23 at Queensbury High School.

Amsterdam also placed fifth at the Section II Class B Championships at Queensbury High School on Nov. 1.

Amsterdam’s Caitlyn Adamchick was named a second-team all-star.

Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons, which won the Big 10 regular-season title, had Lilianna Matala, Anne Ryan and Talya Williams named first-team all-stars,

Also named to the first team were Albany’s Eileen Bequette, Schenectady’s Emma Ward, Troy’s Dayshia Randall and Schenectady’s Megan DuFort,

Bishop Gibbons placed Aly Lemme, Claire Sise, Gwyn Sise and Lexi Vendetti on the second team, while Catholic Central’s Julia Engster, Regan McFerran and Maureen O’Brien also earned second-team honors.

Also named to the second team were Albany’s Emily Ha, Schenectady’s Leah Ketchen and Albany’s Unique Shaw.

Named to the honorable-mention team were Bishop Gibbons, Angelique Cain, Teagan DeCusatis, Laura Reilly and Rebecca Scorzella.

Amsterdam’s Brett Flint was named a boys first-team all-star. Gabe Fernandez and Jon Knack were named second-team all-stars for the Rams, who finished fourth at the Big 10 Championships.

Amsterdam also placed 12th at the Section II Class B Championships.

Christian Brothers Academy, which won the team title at the Big 10 Championships for the first time since 1994, had Liam O’Brien, Kevin LaFleche, Kaushik Pilar and Justin Van Epps named to the first team.

Also named to the first team were Albany’s Brendan Bequette, LaSalle’s Niall Coughlin, Bishop Gibbons’ Jonah Allard, Schenectady’s Devin Fitzgerald and Troy’s Chris Quinones.

Christian Brothers Academy had Michael Crisafulli, Sean Glennon and Nick O’Brien named second-team all-stars.

Also named to the second team were Albany’s Liam Leary, LaSalle’s Dermot Coughlin, Albany’s Aidan Ryan, Catholic Central’s James Faraci, Bishop Gibbons’ Noah Allard and Schenectady’s Julian Canavan.

Bishop Gibbons placed Chris Homenick, Will Johnson and Robert Paley on the boys honorable-mention team.

Also earning honorable-mention status were Albany’s Jacques Chamont, LaSalle’s Joseph Croson, Albany’s Chris Cruz, Schenectady’s Nolan McEvoy, LaSalle’s Josh Dellacruz and Schenectady’s Mark Soto.

Schenectady’s Ed Menis was named the boys Big 10 Coach of the Year.

2013 Big 10 Cross Country All-Stars


First Team

Brendan Bequette (Albany), Brett Flint (Amsterdam), Liam O’Brien (CBA), Kevin LaFleche (CBA), Kaushik Pilar (CBA), Justin Van Epps (CBA), Niall Coughlin (LaSalle), Jonah Allard (Bishop Gibbons), Devin Fitzgerald (Schenectady), Chris Quinones (Troy)

Second Team

Liam Leary (Albany), Aidan Ryan (Albany), Gabe Fernandez (Amsterdam), Jon Knack (Amsterdam), James Faraci (Catholic Central), Michael Crisafulli (CBA), Sean Glennon (CBA), Nick O’Brien (CBA), Dermot Coughlin (LaSalle), Noah Allard (Bishop Gibbons), Julian Canavan (Schenectady)

Honorable Mention

Jacques Chamont (Albany), Chris Cruz (Albany), Joseph Croson (LaSalle), Josh Dellacruz (LaSalle), Chris Homenick (Bishop Gibbons), Will Johnson (Bishop Gibbons), Robert Paley (Bishop Gibbons), Nolan McEvoy (Schenectady), Mark Soto (Schenectady)

Coach of the Year: Ed Menis (Schenectady)


First Team

Eileen Bequette (Albany), Chantel Dopp (Amsterdam), Olivia Lazarou (Amsterdam), Ilenis Quinones (Amsterdam), Lilianna Matala (Bishop Gibbons), Anne Ryan (Bishop Gibbons), Talya Williams (Bishop Gibbons), Megan DuFort (Schenectady), Emma Ward (Schenectady), Dayshia Randall (Troy)

Second Team

Emily Ha (Albany), Unique Shaw (Albany), Caitlyn Adamchick (Amsterdam), Julia Engster (Catholic Central), Regan McFerran (Catholic Central), Maureen O’Brien (Catholic Central), Aly Lemme (Bishop Gibbons), Claire Sise (Bishop Gibbons), Gwyn Sise (Bishop Gibbons), Lexi Vendetti (Bishop Gibbons), Leah Ketchen (Schenectady)

Honorable Mention

Angelique Cain (Bishop Gibbons), Teagan DeCusatis (Bishop Gibbons), Laura Reilly (Bishop Gibbons), Rebecca Scorzella (Bishop Gibbons)

Coach of the Year: Stu Palczak (Amsterdam)