Stay positive about city

I am a friend of Gloversville Mayor Dayton King on Facebook, as are many other citizens of Gloversville. Recently, Mayor King posted that 42 street lights in the city were out and that they would be repaired soon by National Grid. What shocked me about this post were the number of replies that were negative at best and critical at worst. There were a few posts that thanked the mayor and city officials or offered positive suggestions to improve conditions in our fair city. But those positive posts were lost in a sea of negativity. Some were even totally off topic and pointed out other ills such as potholes in the road. Those should have been topics for another day.

Sure, there are things wrong with Gloversville, like any other community in America. But, for better or worse, it is our community. And we should be working together in positive ways to improve our hometown. Yes, Dayton King’s name is currently on the door of the mayor’s office. But, I wager, it would not matter whose name is on that door. There would still be some who will spout negativity and lay it directly at that door.

So, I for one would like to thank Mayor King for his positive efforts to improve our city. I do not envy your job or the problems you must deal with on a daily basis. And I implore my neighbors to work and speak in positive ways to solve the problems in our community. A better Gloversville begins with its citizens and ends with the mayor. Not the other way around.