Tax relief welcome

While we have not hit Thanksgiving yet, some local officials appear set to give their constituents a reason to be thankful this Turkey Day.

Fulton County’s tentative 2014 budget carries a nearly 3 percent average property tax rate decrease. The Board of Supervisors accepted the tentative $85 million county budget for next year, but it will be reviewed in future meetings. Supervisors are expected to adopt the 2014 county budget in either late November or early December.

In Gloversville, the proposed city budget for 2014 calls for a nearly 2 percent tax-levy decrease. The budget would lower the city tax rate from $21.71 per $1,000 of assessed value to $21.31.

While we have already challenged Gloversville officials to cut the tax levy even more, at least how much Gloversville residents have to pay appears set to go down. It may not be much of a savings, but when costs for everything else seem to be rising, it’s nice to see local governments cut taxes even a little bit.

For other residents in Fulton County, that does not appear to be the case.

While the county’s tentative budget cuts the average property tax rate, five towns would see a rate hike under the plan.

In the city of Johnstown, the Common Council is considering adopting a 2014 budget which includes a 2.8 percent tax-rate increase. The tax rate would go from $17.49 in 2013 to $17.98 for 2014, but would stay under the city’s property tax cap, set by the state.

Some of the towns in Fulton County – including Ephratah, Mayfield and Caroga – also are eyeing budgets for next year that would raise their tax rates.

We urge local elected officials to give people another reason to be thankful on Nov. 28: Lower the tax rate and give your constituents something to be thankful for.