No quick fix for school parking

GLOVERSVILLE – The city may be unable to address parking issues at two city schools until the school Board of Education takes action first.

City Attorney Anthony Casale told the Common Council on Tuesday he is looking into the legality of the parking issues, which include illegal parking at Gloversville High School and congestion near Boulevard Elementary School.

But he said Vehicle Traffic Law “basically puts it in the school district’s hands to deal with this. The statute certainly isn’t written in a way that makes it abundantly clear who it falls upon.”

He said he has been unsuccessful in reaching the school district attorney. He said he’ll also seek the opinion of the state Comptroller’s office.

“Only the Board of Education has the power to regulate or restrict traffic on school district property,” Casale said. “As soon as I hear feedback from the school district attorney and the comptroller’s opinion, I’ll distribute that to [the council].”

Until then, there’s nothing the city can do, Casale said.

School representatives attended the last council meeting and sought the city’s help in addressing parking issues.

High School Principal Richard DeMallie said parents aren’t following no-parking signs between the high school and middle school, and he’s seeking the city’s help in enforcing the parking laws in that area.

DeMallie said he is unsure of who enforces the rules on that road, but he offered the district’s assistance in documentation or resolutions that could allow the city to enforce the laws in that area.

Boulevard Elementary School Principal Thomas Komp said the number of parents dropping off children has increased, creating congestion in parking lots. He suggested having the city allow parking on the east side of East Boulevard, since the west side already allows it.

Parking is currently not allowed from Second to Prospect Avenues on the east side of the school.

Komp said allowing people to park there would reduce congestion and make it safer for students in the parking lots during pickup and dropoff times.

Police Chief Donald VanDeusen previously asked Casale to look into the legality of both changing the parking at Boulevard and the enforcement of parking signs on school property.

VanDeusen said the Boulevard issue could possibly be addressed by allowing students to be picked up in that area during specific times.

He also said the congestion at the middle and high schools is a concern because it could affect an emergency vehicle’s access.

Casale said after the meeting he is still working with VanDeusen to determine how the parking in front of the elementary school could be handled.