New garage almost ready to open

PERTH – The new town highway garage will be ready for use after an inspection, Highway Superintendent David Dopp said recently.

According to Dopp, the new garage, located on Midline Road, has to be inspected by Town Code Enforcement Officer Mark Concilla.

“We are going to have to walk through the building with the code enforcer to make sure everything [is in place],” Dopp said Tuesday.

Dopp said once the inspection is finished, the highway department could begin using the new garage. According to Dopp, vehicles have already been moved into the new building.

Voters in 2011 approved bonding the project up to $600,000. The town bonded the cost of the garage, according to Supervisor Gregory Fagan, totaling to $383,000 for construction and $7,000 in interest.

Dopp said there were still a few minor tweaks to the building left, such as adjusting the garage doors and installing the phones. Once the phone system is complete, Dopp said he would be able to move his office into the new building.

Dopp said he expects the inspection would be done soon, hopefully by the end of the week.

The Town Board unanimously approved bids in June for several companies to construct a highway building, to replace the current garage.

The new building will be 65-feet long by 120-feet wide. The new garage has six doors in total, five on one side and one on the far end of the building. The original garage only sported four spaces.

Construction began in August and finished in October.

Officials said the old garage was too small and old to be the only garage for the town.

Dopp said the added space for vehicles would save money on maintenance costs, due to the wear and tear vehicles received from previously being parked outside.

Fagan said the old garage will be used for storage.