Veterinarian showed kindness, compassion

I would like to tell everyone about a kind and caring veterinarian, Dr. Anne Fay.

On Sept. 24, one of our cats would not come to me. I could tell something was very wrong with her. I needed to catch her and take her to the vets. I said to my husband I wish they had animal vets that came to your home. I turned the page of the newspaper and like a godsend there was a full page – Dr. Anne Fay DVM Mobile Vet Services.

I called the number and she came that afternoon. We put our cat in the bathroom to wait for the vet.

The doctor and her assistant were so kind and compassionate. Then, Dr. Anne told us the bad news; Pumpkin was full of cancer, there was no hope and we had to put her down. I held her and said goodbye. She was given a shot for pain. Pumpkin purred and licked my hand, she was saying goodbye, and then she was euthanized.

Dr. Fay took her for a private cremation and told me she would bring her back when done.

I am so very thankful to them for making a very hard time so much easier for Pumpkin and myself. They do everything for your animal.

Thank you both and God bless. You do a wonderful thing by going to homes.