Fulton County pursuing energy audit

JOHNSTOWN – The Fulton County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday authorized a contract with a Saratoga County firm that will complete an energy audit for possible energy conservation projects at county government facilities.

Supervisors authorized a contract with SmartWatt Energy of Clifton Park during its monthly meeting at the County Office Building.

The county earlier this year authorized requests for proposals for the energy conservation project. The overall project is budgeted for $1.8 million in the county’s 2014 capital plan.

Three proposals were received and two companies made presentations to the board’s Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee. But supervisors are recommending completion of the audit first, to determine what Tuesday’s resolution stated will be “more precise savings prior to recommending any actual construction projects.”

“It’s really to nail down all the specifics for savings on costs,” Fulton County Administrative Officer Jon Stead said of the audit.

SmartWatt Energy has offered to perform and certify the audit in conjunction with state Energy Law – at no cost to the county.

Stead said after the audit, the county may prefer to do smaller energy-savings work that is not expensive enough to be a capital project.

In other buildings and grounds matters:

The board authorized a contract at a cost not to exceed $15,000 for repair of the boiler at the County Annex building on East Fulton Street in Gloversville. The county still owns the building, which used to house the county Mental Health Clinic before it was privatized, and the county Veterans Service Agency, before it moved to the county Office for Aging building in Johnstown.

According to county Superintendent of Highways and Facilities Mark Yost, the annex boiler developed a crack in one of the 10 heating sections. Repairs were made to two sections of the boiler in 2008. Yost is recommending replacement of all 10 boiler sections to avoid future cracks.

Gloversville 1st Ward Supervisor Marie Born asked if the county can sell the entire building.

Stead said the board’s Buildings and Grounds-Highway Committee and Yost will look into that.

The board also awarded 2014 bids for: purchase of heating oil and special blend for county buildings, waste removal services at the county jail, and cleaning services at the County Office Building.