City weighs zoning change near Burger King

GLOVERSVILLE – The city is considering changing the zoning on South Kingsboro Avenue near a planned Burger King restaurant from residential to commercial.

About a half-dozen residents on the road asked the city to change the zoning to entice other businesses to move to that area and make their properties more appealing to developers.

The rezoning would affect one side of South Kingsboro Avenue. Department of Public Works Director Kevin Jones said the zoning change would affect about eight houses at the bottom of South Kingsboro near the intersection with Route 30A, where the Burger King now is under construction.

Carrols Corp., the company building the Burger King, will construct the 2,763-square-foot Burger King on property previously owned by Foothills United Methodist Church. Carrols demolished a house to make room for the restaurant.

Hill Street will become a four-way intersection with South Kingsboro Avenue, with a new portion of road constructed in a wooded area across from Hill Street. The new road will run along the back of the properties seeking the zoning change.

Carrols real estate manager Jim Meinecke previously said the restaurant could open in December. It will include 60 seats and a drive-thru.

The Common Council on Tuesday scheduled a public hearing on the zoning change and will seek recommendations on the change from the city and county planning boards.

The council previously planned to have a hearing on changing the zoning from residential to residential-commercial, which the residents requested, but the residents changed their mind after Jones told them if a big business is interested in property, the zoning would have to be commercial.

The residents had submitted a petition to the Common Council proposing a zoning change. They said in light of Burger King and a possible future access road along Route 30A – which the city may build – they’d like the zoning changed to make their properties more marketable.

The property owned by Foothills church behind the residents is zoned commercial. The zone can be extended to the residents’ properties, Jones said.

The public hearing on the zoning change will take place Nov. 26 at 6 p.m. After the change is reviewed by both planning boards and the public hearing takes place, the change could be finalized by the end of December, City Attorney Anthony Casale said.