Grease fire severely damages home in Meco

MECO – A fire severely damaged a County Highway 122 home around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday before it was brought under control.

No injuries were reported from the blaze, which authorities said was started by a grease fire. Officials said the house, at 523 County Highway 122, was occupied by eight people.

According to resident Conrad Chapin, his father, mother, siblings and other family members live in the building.

Chapin said he had left the house to pick up his son. By the time he returned, he said, fire trucks were already pulling up to their home.

According to Meco Volunteer Fire Chief Gregory House, the fire began in the kitchen, where a resident had been cooking.

A flare-up started the fire, which destroyed the kitchen, House said. He said the fire in the kitchen spread rapidly, consuming the room. The rest of the house suffered smoke and water damage, he said.

House said the structure is salvageable, but severely damaged.

At one point during the fight, firefighters cut a hole in the roof. According to House, the hole was to vent hot gases from the fire.

At approximately 4 p.m., another 911 dispatch text came through, stating the Meco structure fire re-kindled and firefighters were called back to the scene at Route 122 to make sure the blaze was put out.

The Red Cross will provide assistance for the eight residents of the home.

Mutual aid was called in for the first fire, bringing in the Sir William Johnson Volunteer Fire Department and the Pleasant Square Volunteer Fire Department.