Montgomery County finds sales-tax revenue increased

FONDA – Montgomery County’s overall sales-tax revenue increased by more than $295,000 in the third quarter compared to the same quarter last year.

“This is the best quarter we’ve had to date,” county Treasurer Shawn Bowerman said.

“I would probably have to say that some of [the sales-tax revenue] has to do with the continued growth of the retail on Route 30 in Amsterdam,” Bowerman said. “There have been some [additional] stores that have been opening that would lead to some sales-tax revenue.”

Bowerman said he also believes high demand for gas and diesel within the county is generating more sales tax revenue.

The county’s sales-tax revenue this quarter is about $4.26 million, which is about a $400,000 increase compared to last quarter.

Bowerman said this year’s increased third quarter is a “good sign for the county.”

Last year, the county’s third-quarter revenue was about $3.96 million, and according to Bowerman, it decreased from the second quarter.

The opposite happened this year, with the third-quarter revenues increasing from the second quarter.

“I hope [the increase] continues because usually the fourth quarter is a pretty good quarter with the holiday season approaching. We hope this continues, but we’ll have to wait and see,” he said.

For the year, Bowerman projects the overall gross sales tax will be roughly $28 million, not including the amount paid to the towns, villages and city of Amsterdam.

“[The projection] is a little bit higher than what’s in the 2013 budget; what was budgeted in the ’13 budget was about $27 million,” he said.

Bowerman said he determined the projection based on his optimism the fourth quarter will be similar to last year.

Sales tax figures

Montgomery County sales tax revenues in the third quarter for the county’s municipalities are as follows. The figures – from the Montgomery?County Treasurer’s Office – are compared with 2012’s third quarter.

City of Amsterdam: About $1.17 million up by $80,866 from 2012.

Town of Amsterdam: $371,698, up by $30,276.

Canajoharie: $102,932, down by $1, 756.

Charleston: $95,519, up by $7, 052.

  • Florida: $222,799, up by $24, 270.

Glen: $117,122, up by $921.

Minden: $120,616, up by $9, 599.

Mohawk: $216,535, up by $15, 914.

Palatine: $107,882, up by $10, 721.

Root: $116,498, up by $9,536.

Town of St. Johnsville: $54,071, up by $8, 490.

Fort Johnson: $17,967, up by $1, 089.

Hagaman: $65, 856, up by $3, 942.

Ames: $6,346, down by $80.

Village of Canajoharie: $98,104, down by $1,924.

  • Fort Plain (in Canajoharie): $543, up by $4.

Fultonville: $34,757, up by $836.

Fort Plain (in Minden): $74,980, up by $5,572.

Fonda: $30,276, up by $925.

Nelliston: $29,516, up by $2,719.

Palatine Bridge: $46, 222, up by $2, 435.

Fort Plain (in Palatine): $55, up by $5.

Village of St. Johnsville: $49,806, up by $6,831.