Response to request heartfelt, amazing

Recently, my office has participated in a book and game collection for the Boys & Girls Club of Gloversville and library-suitable books for the Hale Creek Facility.

The response to our request has been heartfelt and amazing. We have helped to stock the library shelves at Hale Creek with many gently used books that will be used to build skills, improve vocabulary and give glimpses into other cultures. We have happily delivered many outgrown games and books to the Boys & Girls Club of Gloversville. This not-for-profit agency encourages active curious minds, and will be able to continue its good works with a little help from the community.

Fulton County has a myriad of generous and charitable people. I am sincere in my appreciation for the donations to both the Hale Creek Facility and the Boys & Girls Club of Gloversville. Once again, I am extremely proud of the people in Fulton County who I am privileged to represent.


Assemblyman, 118th District