Show veterans appreciation

Today, which is Veterans Day, we pause to thank the men and women who so proudly and diligently have served our nation.

As a society, there is much we can do for our veterans every day. We can invest in care to ease their medical and mental wounds when they return to the country they served. We can do all we can to make sure veterans have jobs available to them.

Addressing their issues is something we should ensure our elected officials make a priority. Today, however, our job is to thank and celebrate our veterans.

We thank our veterans for being the teeth of America’s foreign policy and standing up for our country’s rights and interests.

We thank our veterans and their families for their sacrifice. We thank our veterans for their long tours and overseas deployments, for the birthdays and Christmases they have missed and the unsettled life they live so we can comfortably live our lives.

We thank our veterans for being an image of strength and freedom, and we thank them for willingly going places most of us would not.

Veterans, for all you have done, thank you.