Club tutors students

GLOVERSVILLE – Gloversville High School students have an extra opportunity to get tutored by staff in any subject on Saturday mornings.

The school is offering the Breakfast Club in an effort to improve students’ understanding of the core subjects.

High School Principal Richard DeMallie said two faculty members host the club every Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Room 801. The sessions include breakfast and tutoring on any subject.

DeMallie said the idea came from Assistant Superintendent Frank Pickus and two faculty members.

He said the club began informally last year, but it wasn’t announced to all of the students until this school year.

“It started as something a few kids just wanted to do that regularly met with those teachers, and now we are offering it to the entire student body,” DeMallie said. “We didn’t really advertise it, and now it is throughout the whole school.”

He said teachers Millie Metka and Andrea McLaughlin are hosting the club and tutoring the students.

“I just thought that if [students] don’t want to stay after school, they might come early,” Pickus said about the idea to have a tutoring club on weekends.

He said depending on how successful the club is at the high school, the district could try something similar at the other school buildings in the district.

“We are trying to accommodate the needs of our students and give them an outlet on a Saturday morning and are basically just trying to do something different,” DeMallie said of the initiative. “Our after-school participation isn’t where we would like it to be, so we are really trying to look at other times that would be more conducive to students.”

He estimated five to 10 students now attend the Breakfast Club.

The club is open to any student who would like to come in on the weekend.

“We have been offering it to many students that are at risk or in need of after-school tutoring, but we’re trying to make it bigger,” DeMallie said.

He said it is too soon to tell whether the new club has produced results in the classroom.

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