Community helps make cemetery special

Another wonderful summer season has come and gone, and many people we have come to love and respect have passed away.

As the caretaker of the Mayfield Union Rural Cemetery, I realize each and every person, young or old, who are laid to rest have made a mark in the history of our area. They have shown in their lifetime love and caring to their families and friend, which is shared with people around them. Without them, there would be a paradox, as what we know of today would not exist without the people we know today.

Each person regardless of age is important to our future and its outcome. Therefore, should they pass, we should maintain respect even after they are laid to rest.

With the help of Charlie Morrison, Melissa Mazzarelli, Steve Van Allen and Thomas Ruliffson of the cemetery committee, I have been given proper equipment and supplies to maintain the cemetery as it should be.

I wish to give a special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Barry Hampton, Burt and Dorothy Warner, Mayfield Historian Nancy Deitch and all the anonymous donors of perennial flowers. Donations such as these will make the Mayfield Union Rural Cemetery a beautiful place.

Thanks also to Burt Warner and Thomas Ruliffson for the bird houses and signs, which bring new life to the cemetery.

With the help of the town of Mayfield Highway Department and the village of Mayfield, Bart Landers and Buzzy Yorks, necessary materials to complete projects were obtained.

It is a wonderful thing when a community can work together to show respect to those who have passed and remember them for their time here.

I wish each and every one a very happy holiday season.

Always remember, a cemetery is a gathering of people who are responsible for the communities of today; it is our responsibility to remember them, continue their work and build a future.