Sewer officials approve credits

JOHNSTOWN – The Gloversville-Johnstown Joint Sewer Board recently voted to issue credits totaling about $5,800 to four of five Gloversville customers who protested their sewer bills.

Mark Levendusky, the sewer plant laboratory director, said Colonial Tanning Corp., of 21 Delaware Ave., filed a protest for the amount charged for its total suspended solids.

He said there is a probe in the company’s wet well that went down too far.

Plant consultant George Bevington said the probe was adjusted to specifications. The board agreed to credit Colonial $3,800 for its August bill.

Fiscal Director Donna Renda said the owner of a home at 20 Littauer Place protested the sewer bill. Officials determined the owner had a faulty water heater.

Renda said facility Wastewater Engineer Tyler Masick inspected it and found excess water was pumped to the street. The owner was credited $25.25.

Another protest was filed by a property owner at 67 Sixth Ave., Renda said. She said the owner reported excess water of an unknown origin.

Renda said Masick inspected the situation and it was hard to determine where the water came from.

She said there was 4 feet of water in the basement, which was pumped out by the Gloversville Fire Department.

Renda said there was “no solid proof” where the water came from and it was hard to determine the leak.

To relieve part of the hardship, she said a credit was recommended.

The board credited the Sixth Avenue customer $1,885.

An additional credit of $162.52 was granted to a 126 North St. customer. Renda said Masick inspected it and found a leak in a stud wall, although nothing entered the sewer system.

The board denied a fifth sewer bill protest from a customer at 80 Helwig St. Renda said there was no response from the homeowner when sewer officials asked to inspect the property.

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