Students created informative event

Recently, the Johnstown High School Participation in Government students organized and ran a city of Johnstown mayoral debate at the Johnstown Performing Arts Center. The students conducted themselves very professionally in creating an informative event for the voting public and the entire student body.

JHS seniors created a spreadsheet to make sure all necessary jobs were accounted for and that all students were assigned tasks for which they were responsible. The students determined the time, date and location of the event and reserved the facility. They created sophisticated questions for the candidates and solicited questions from JHS underclassmen and the public. They were responsible for setting up the auditorium and running the lights and sound. They created the rules for the debate and kept track of the time available for each candidate’s responses. The students publicized the event by contacting many media outlets and putting up signs throughout the community. Students Grant Gyldenvand, Nakia Sweetman, Connor Way and Zachary Akers introduced the event, led the pledge and moderated the debate. Students welcomed all the candidates and members of the public who attended. Students also conducted an opinion poll immediately after the event to gauge support for the candidates after the debate.

JHS seniors, you should be very proud of what you accomplished.

Residents of the city of Johnstown, I invite you to view the debate on a YouTube video also created by the seniors including student producer Melissa Pedrick. You will find the debate helpful as you decide whom to select as the next leader of Johnstown. I also encourage people to watch the video to see an example of the excellent work that young people in our area are achieving. The URL for the debate video is


Johnstown High School social studies teacher