Fear of guns going too far

Action by the Arlington Local School District in Hancock County, Ohio, may make reasonable people wonder where anti-gun hysteria will end.

Public schools everywhere have taken the intelligent step of banning students and most staff from bringing firearms onto their campuses.

But during recent years, fear of anything related to guns has become ridiculous, to the point that one boy was disciplined because he had taken bites out of a toaster pastry until it was roughly in the shape of a pistol. And in West Virginia, a student was disciplined for wearing a shirt that defended Second Amendment rights.

Arlington students are banned from taking gun catalogs to school. That’s right: Apparently pictures and descriptions of guns are considered dangerous.

What next? Bans on magazines that include stories about hunting or even use of the word “gun” in class? Anti-firearm hysteria long ago passed the point of absurdity.