Improve health programs

One important indicator of the maturity of an individual is how well that person can holistically take care of himself. This is also true for nations. The United States, through its struggling new health care plans, is trying to reach a higher level of maturity regarding its health services for all its citizens. It is an extremely complex, challenging endeavor that will take time, expertise, cooperation and money. England is doing well with its public- funded health care program for all (National Health Service), and Canada is well on its way with its program, though waiting periods are still too long and there is a need for more doctors.

It is vitally important that the United States continue to persevere and improve its health programs for all, though it is difficult and challenging. The last thing our nation or any nation needs is a lot of sick-troubled people unable to get needed affordable medical attention, thus endangering themselves and others with their untreated medical needs.


Cold Brook