Time for new leadership

Gloversville and Fulton County have given me so much: a quality education, a passion for history and an appreciation for the outdoors. I’m running for Gloversville 5th Ward supervisor because I love this community and want to give back and to help us achieve our full potential. Through both my education in political science and in teaching at the college level, I have learned what smart investments work to improve other communities.

The biggest priority for improving our area is economic development.

Attracting industry with good jobs will have many ripple effects: We will grow our tax base through greater home ownership, attract businesses through greater disposable incomes and improve our overall quality of life.

This will also help make our area more attractive to young people and plug the “brain drain” of talented minds. Social theorist Richard Florida says that the most attractive regions have talent, tolerance and technology, and we have the makings for all of them. As a young person, I can offer the fresh ideas, in collaboration with other community leaders, our community needs. To learn more about me and my platform, please visit my website at www.gregforgloversville.com. Voters of the 5th Ward, it’s time for new leadership. Can I count on your vote on Tuesday?