Vote would be appreciated

My name is Chris Swatt and I’m asking for your vote for councilman-atlarge for the city of Johnstown.

It was my intention to run as the Republican Party representative, but my petitions were challenged by my opponent and declared invalid. This is my first time going through this process, and I made a couple of rookie mistakes. I missed the date on one sheet and failed to initial corrections on others, so my petitions were tossed out. I’m not looking to pass any blame, it was my error.

I need to thank Eric, Mike, Charlie, Helen and Ed for carrying my petitions. I also need to thank the 140-plus registered Republican voters who signed the petitions.

But I didn’t give up; I simply regrouped and filed under the Common Sense Party. I again collected the necessary signatures and will be on the Tuesday ballot.

My hope was to campaign on issues and the future of Johnstown, but I guess I had to be introduced to “the game” of politics first.

As your councilman-at-large, I will represent the entire city. I will look for your feedback on issues. I will encourage and return calls. I will look to promote a neighborhood approach of fighting blight and attempt to bring back the summer festival (once held at the former Immaculate Conception church) as a community event, and there’s more.

Please feel free to reach out to me (I’m in the book) with any questions or concerns you may have, and I would very much appreciate your vote.