More ‘rebuilding days’ needed in village

Four months later, after severe flooding in the town of Fort Plain, only the second “rebuilding day” was coordinated by the Fulton-Montgomery Long-Term Recovery Committee. The event is glorified in the article “Recovery from flood continues in village” by Casey Croucher.

The unexpected act of Mother Nature resulted in small-business owners and homeowners to be completely flooded out of their buildings, and their money. There should have been at least one “rebuilding day” a month for the amount of destruction that the flood had caused.

Credit must be given to the 25 volunteers that helped on that Saturday. In addition, credit must also be given to those who were directly affected by the flooding and are cognizant that the reconstruction is an ongoing process.

However, if the recovery committee organized “rebuilding days” more frequently, the quaint town of Fort Plain would be restored at a much faster pace. Cold and snowy days are on the horizon, calling for members of the community to work together at a quicker rate.

As a resident of Canajoharie, I understand that people are busy with family, jobs, hobbies, etc., but we also have to look out for each other as human beings. The members of the community who lost their homes in this tragic flood also have families, jobs and hobbies.