Cheers and jeers

CHEERS – To busy hands. Barbara Edel, you are an amazing lady. It is apparent that you do not remain idle with your time, judging by the dozens of mittens, hats and headbands that you knitted and delivered for donations. We hope you will smile with the knowledge that your craftsmanship has found its way into the lives of those who are in need. The bright colors of the yarns that were turned into warmth and great style surely will be worn with gratefulness.

JEERS – To unacceptable rudeness. It’s unfortunate some people see the need to be blatantly cruel and rude to others. We at the newspaper experience this more often than we should. One recent incident occurred when a subscriber, who disagreed with a published editorial, called to cancel a subscription. No problem, although, of course, we are sorry to see anyone make this decision. The problem was when the person got a circulation employee on the phone and spilled out abusive language. The profanities and name-calling were inexcusable. Differences of opinions, complaints or canceling a subscription can be done without having to spout profanities. Respectful customer service is a difficult challenge when the customer shows no respect and our society’s nonchalant attitude toward aggressive vulgar language grows.

CHEERS – To a donation. He will be ridiculed and chastised, and political sides will erupt in accusations, but what he did was a good thing. U.S. Rep. Paul Tonko of Amsterdam sent to Leatherstocking Honor Flight a check for $1,550, which was his salary for the time of the government’s shutdown. Maybe for just one moment, we could make this gesture about the Honor Flight and its purpose, and just feel grateful the group received the donation. Maybe for just one moment, people can leave the politics out of this cheer.

CHEERS – To high marks. The Greater Johnstown School District Board of Education received a “qualified opinion” on its annual audit, and that translates to mean the district did well. As keepers of the taxpayers’ money, all involved did their job. Simply put, it can be done. Cheers.

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