Tactics leave sour taste

I was born and raised in Northville. When I graduated from high school, I moved away for about 13 years. My family decided to move back a few months ago. My husband and I want to raise our children in this small town we call home.

Since returning, I must say that the articles I have read and things I have heard over the upcoming election for town supervisor have really disgusted me. I have not been to many town meetings or actively involved myself in the politics of the town, as I have been getting my family settled and adjusted. This will actually be my first time voting as a Northville resident.

The bashing of candidates just puts a bad taste in my mouth. When I pick up a local newsletter to see what events are going on, happenings in the churches and schools, then come across an ad or article that is just hateful to a candidate, it really infuriates me. This character attacking and accusations have been going on for months.

I know I still have a lot to learn about the politics of Northville, but from someone coming in new, this public bashing is very unsettling. Politics does not have to be hateful, especially in a small town.

I encourage the people of Northville to take this into consideration before Election Day. Do we really want to vote in people who “play ugly” in order to get their way? If they play ugly now, what will happen to our town if they were to win? I know I don’t want to hear about how you feel toward another candidate, I want to hear what you have done or can do for our town. Nasty politics is the reason the community won’t get involved.

Linda Kemper is someone I have talked to numerous times and feel truly cares for our town. She loves the Northville area and works very hard for it and to keep our taxes down.

I look forward to becoming more involved in our community. People want to be involved, but not all want to be involved when it goes too far. We are a small town, and despite how one person feels about another, there is a tasteful way to do things.

Before going to the polls Tuesday, please carefully look at the real facts.