Sound decisions made

It has been my pleasure to serve Northampton residents as supervisor for the past eight years. I’ve met many wonderful people and built strong alliances at the state, regional, county, Adirondack and local levels, enabling me to properly represent the public and taxpayers’ best interest. I’ve worked hard bringing in grant funding and saving thousands every year through cost cutting, budgeting and conservative spending.

Northampton is a great place to live. Members of the community and organizations actively provide services to seniors and the public that government isn’t able to provide with its steadily decreasing resources. We recognize their work and applaud them for their commitment.

During my tenure, the town has diligently worked to lower the tax rate from $1.39 per $1,000 to 96 cents per $1,000, which equates to $96 per year on a $100,000 property assessment. This represents the second-lowest tax rate within the county. The lowest (Broadalbin) offers no curb or roadside garbage pickup. Compare to Northville at $7.75 per $1,000.

At the county level, we’ve constantly worked to reduce government costs and personnel through drastic cost-saving moves and attrition of the work force. Almost the only non-mandated programs left are the senior program (OFA) and sheriff’s road patrols. Aggressive initiatives are being taken to promote economic development on a regional level, bringing businesses and jobs in.

I believe in making sound decisions based on research rather than emotional agendas, and refuse to fall prey to political tactics and power plays to win votes. I’m able to make difficult (although not always popular) decisions, considering the impact on the public and taxpayers.

I urge everyone to dig a little deeper, separate needs vs. wants and look at how your voting decision Tuesday ultimately will affect your tax dollars, quality of life and representation you deserve at not only the local level, but all government levels. Stick to the facts rather than campaign tactics and promises taxpayers will be paying for, and vote for someone who’s going to work for the people and have your best interests in mind at all times. I vow to continue to do that. The choice is yours.

In response to a recent letter: I’m running on my own line, not a “ticket.” By law, I’m the budget officer, separate from bookkeeper, clearly defined in the 2012 and 2013 town organizational minutes and the budgets as approved by the Town Board.

Look for me on the “Wisest Choice” line 5.