Achievements numerous

My name is Robin Wentworth and I have served as Gloversville Ward 1 councilwoman since 2008. I am running for councilman-at-large to serve the residents of the entire city. I am a lifelong resident of Gloversville, graduated from Gloversville High School and Fulton-Montgomery Community College with an associate’s degree in human services and have worked in the human services field in this community for the past 25 years.

I have taken the lead on many key projects and a number of important legislative issues that have benefited Gloversville. Some of my accomplishments include drafting and sponsoring legislation to stagger terms of Common Council members, to ban the sale of the hallucinogenic drug salvia divinorum and legislation that officially recognized Gloversville Transit as a city department in the charter.

I worked with Johnstown Mayor Slingerland to help craft the compromise that allowed the two cities to come to an agreement to sell Fage a two- acre portion of the jointly owned wastewater treatment plant, allowing Fage to move forward with its planned expansion.

When the Gloversville Walmart Supercenter project was in jeopardy of stopping, I worked with Walmart attorneys to come up with a plan to save the project. I worked with then-Councilman-at-large James Handy, members of the town of Johnstown and the board of directors at the Federal Credit Union to allow annexation of two parcels of land into Gloversville, which allowed the project to be saved.

Recognizing the increase of crimes in the city of Gloversville, I worked with the Gloversville Police Department to organize a meeting of more than 70 residents and restarted the Neighborhood Watch program.

Being an elected official is a privilege and an honor, and with that comes a responsibility for elected officials to do the right thing. To me, being an elected official is about public service, not personal gain. Elected officials have a moral obligation to represent every resident.

Although I had been elected to represent Ward 1, I have made myself available to help any resident of Gloversville who asks for my help, no matter where they live, which is essentially the role of the councilman-at-large. As your next councilman-at-large, I will work as your public servant and fulfill the responsibility of that office.

When you vote Nov. 5, I ask that you please vote for me, Robin Wentworth, as your next councilman-at-large. Thank you.