Reject ‘good old boys’

Northampton voters should beware.

As a former Town Board member who donated hundreds of hours working on the town court renovations, town hall lighting system, plus working on grant applications, I feel it is time to get back on the Northampton Town Board.

After being defeated two years ago, the “good old boys” stated “one down and two to go.” When our bookkeeper resigned, that changed to “two down and one to go,” meaning the supervisor. Recently, it was stated in the town clerk’s office that she will be the next to go.

Money is being wasted left and right with this board, $16,000 and counting on a mass-gathering ordinance that was put aside in court after our former attorney warned us it would never stand up in court. The former attorney was paid at $100 per hour while the new attorney received $160 per hour.

At the Feb. 20 board meeting, Councilman Ellsworth stated, “If you raise taxes 50 percent, in reality to the homeowner, it’s almost no money and would solve our problem,” according to the minutes from the meeting.

Your Unite Northampton Team has proposed a joint highway department that could double our tax rate. The town and village now already share equipment and services. The town last year raised $235,228 in taxes while the village, with one-third of the population, raised $454,227.45. How much more money will be added to the budget if the “good old boys” get elected?

Will we hire a new bookkeeper to perform those duties that the supervisor now does? Will we hire an office manager? And how many more “friends” will be added? It has also been stated that the town should pay for village police to help “enforce” town laws.

It is very important that this Nov. 5, you elect people who will represent the best interests of the town and not be represented by an all-village town board.

Please vote for me on line 8H, the People’s Party.