‘Unite’ can keep politics

This is what the Unite Northampton Team wants you to believe.

Who has paid for months worth of blasting statements and ads in papers, mailings and websites? Will taxpayers’ money be wasted in that same manner?

What are you really so threatened about with Supervisor Kemper?

Who will pay for all of the promises made by this group? Will they continue to take credit for accomplishments that an entire community contributed to and made happen? It appears that taxpayers will be saddled with the price tag of many promises. Or is this just another scheme to redistribute taxpayers’ money?

Will you elect someone who uses bashing and personal attacks in order to get their way or someone who makes up their own mind based on facts and your best interests? Are you willing to accept the same tactics of “my way or the highway,” same old way?

What has this team constructively done outside of the local coffee shops? Promises for fixing water and sewer systems after the supervisor already made it a shovel-ready project? Bonding for this project will put a huge annual cost burden on park taxpayers. Did you ever think that maybe that’s unaffordable? Watch the for sale signs.

The “team’s” agenda is for power and control, while Supervisor Kemper’s agenda is for the best interest of the taxpayer, which has been proven by her involvement and results at local, state, county and regional levels. What commitments are you willing to make?

Has the “Team” even bothered to consult with the elected town highway superintendent about the plans for consolidating village and town highway departments under his direction? Or are you just telling him what you plan to eliminate? You share everything already.

As suggested by the Unite Northampton Team, it will seek regional planning with surrounding municipalities. The concept of regional, Adirondack planning and broadband is already in place. Get outside Northville.

While you’ve been hasty to make accusations against the supervisor, the last I knew, she is only one of five members on the Town Board. Where and what are the rest doing?

Sorry, Unite Northampton, keep your politics, you’re not fooling me. My vote is for Kemper.