King shows leadership

Four years ago, neither I nor my wife voted for Dayton King to be mayor of Gloversville. Honestly, I felt that our city was in too much disarray and he seemed so “new” to the scene, he would be met with too much resistance, and that he would simply be stifled by the system already in place. I figured he’d get eaten alive and accomplish very little, if anything, as a new mayor.

Well, in many ways, I believe I was right about the resistance and the controversies he’d face within the established system, but I was very wrong about this man’s potential to govern.

He governs among the people, not from above. He has made himself so accessible that anyone can talk to him at any time through social media. If you have a question or concern, he’ll do his best to help as quickly as he can, and always in a considerate manner. And, if the matter is something not within his jurisdiction, he’ll take the time to tell you how to reach the appropriate party.

As some residents use this openness as an opportunity to be contentious and divisive, Mr. King always responds with the greatest maturity, integrity and compassion – demonstrative of a true leader.

Mayor King has proven that he is truly concerned about our city’s health and future, and that he’s prepared to put forth the personal effort and commitment that our city needs to not only survive, but to once again thrive. It’s obvious that he’s not in it to build a legacy for himself. He’s in it to help rebuild the legacy of our great little city.

I did not vote for Dayton King four years ago, but he has consistently proven himself to have the wisdom and fortitude to lead this city, and he certainly has my vote this November.