Generosity warms young

We have been enjoying one of the more pleasant autumns, but soon, we all will reach into our drawers and closets for the clothing needed to keep us warm against the winter elements.

Unfortunately, hundreds of children in our communities don’t have a sweater, a warm coat or a pair of boots to pull from the closet.

For decades, The Leader-Herald has been trying to help those children by coordinating the Warm the Children program. The paper gets tremendous support for this program from the Gloversville Salvation Army, with its screening abilities, and Walmart and its employees.

We already have begun providing some winter clothing for local children, thanks to the generosity of people making monetary donations and volunteers who take families shopping for the clothing.

We don’t ask for anything in return, but sometimes we get a nice surprise, such as the simple gesture of a mom who, after receiving the needed socks, gloves and “winter stuff,” sent a thank-you note that included a handwritten thanks from each of her children.

Through Warm the Children, we have worked with 150 to 200 children annually, but the demand is always greater than the supply, and we have had to place some people on a waiting list.

Because of the way the program is structured, Warm the Children uses 100 percent of the proceeds raised for the children. No administrative costs are taken from the donations.

Warm the Children was brought to our attention by Mack Stewart, a retired newspaper publisher who had the compassion to help folks in need. He developed the program, whose mission is simply to provide new, warm, winter clothing for children of needy families.

As you are buttoning your child’s coat or putting on your gloves on cold days, think of the local boys and girls you can help through a donation. Checks can be made out to Warm the Children and sent to The Leader-Herald, 8 E. Fulton St., Gloversville, NY 12078.