Voters to pick county legislators for first time

FONDA – Montgomery County voters are gearing up to elect members to a new county legislature for the first time.

The election will usher in a new form of government for the county.

Earlier this year, the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors ratified a charter to create nine new legislative districts instead of the current government with 15 supervisors. The districts will go into effect and the legislators will take office Jan. 1.

Voters will choose district legislators in the Nov. 5 general elections.

Minden Town Supervisor Thomas Quackenbush, who is running for District 2 legislator under the Democrat and Republican lines, said the change is important.

“What is happening for the first time since [the county’s] inception is a new government,” Quackenbush said. “… We need to make sure we are ready to implement it on Jan. 1.”

Glen Town Supervisor Lawrence Coddington, who is seeking re-election for town supervisor, said this year’s election is a major shift in local politics.

“It will be a rather large election compared to years gone by,” Coddington said.

He said the change may be difficult but not impossible.

“It is not going to be absolutely smooth,” Coddington said. “… I think it will work out well, that is my feeling.”

“We have to ensure the taxpayers that what they voted for a year ago is ready to be implemented,” Quackenbush said. “… I don’t think that it is going to be difficult if everybody works together.”

Races for the new legislative districts include:

District 1: Republican Martin Kelly, facing no opposition.

District 2: Minden Supervisor Quackenbush, who won the Republican primary in September, will run against Palatine Supervisor Brian Sweet, who won the Conservative party primary.

District 3: Democrat Roy S. Dimond is running against Republican John W. Thayer, who is the chairman of the Board of Supervisors and supervisor of Root. Dimond also will appear on the Conservative line. Thayer also will appear on the Liberty ballot.

District 4: Republican Ryan B.

Weitz faces no opposition.

District 5: Democrat Terry A. Bieniek is running against Republican Daniel P. Wilson.

District 6: Democrat John M. Duchessi faces no opposition.

District 7: Democrat Jeffery P. Stark, currently the 2nd Ward supervisor in the city of Amsterdam, will face Republican Barbara S. Wheeler, the 4th Ward city supervisor. Stark also will appear on the Honest Government ballot.

District 8: Democrat Joseph M. Isabel is running against Republican Vito L. Greco, currently the 1st Ward supervisor in the city of Amsterdam.

District 9: Republican Alexander S. Kuchis will face Democrat Robert A. Purtell.

Each legislator will earn $10,000 per year, and the legislature’s chairman will earn $15,000 per year.