Choose Kemper for post

I have known Linda Kemper, the supervisor of Northampton, for the past six years. As a colleague on the Board of Supervisors, I find Linda to be hard-working and resourceful in her duties. She is knowledgeable of the issues facing Northampton as well as the whole county.

She continues to be pro-economic development and is astute to the problems facing the Adirondack Park area. She serves on the intercounty committee and represents her constituents very well. Linda is always seeking new knowledge as shown by her completion of the Pelletier Institution’s Course for elected officials.

Linda has the respect of her fellow supervisors, and if elected, will be chairman of the Board of Supervisors next year.

This will be the first time since 1995 that Northampton will have its supervisor chair the board. Personally, I don’t know Linda’s competition in this election.

I’m sure that he feels that he has attributes he can bring to the position. However, in this critical time for our county, Northampton needs the experience and capability of someone like Linda Kemper. She will continue to work hard to keep taxes in line and look for ways to enhance her community at the same time.

Support Linda Kemper in this election.