Mayors’ powers limited

In a recent letter to the editor, a person wrote about what he remembers of the Gloversville of his youth and wanting it back. The present-day Gloversville was brought about because of the national and world happenings since the 1970s. The wars, the economy, the retail shifts and the lifestyle changes have all contributed to making the changes we see today

The writer of that letter went on to say the fault rests squarely with the mayor’s office. The mayor helps the council members make sure the infrastructure continues to support the activities of the city; They work every day on those matters. The mayor also needs to make sense of what the federal, state and county governments want to address. That’s all that position will allow.

The current need to have industry relegated to the industrial parks outside the city has moved the tax base. The present mayor is working to use annexation or revenue sharing agreements so the city can fully reap the benefits of providing water and sewer service. That is a good thing. More good things will follow if we stay the course.