New blood will aid county

It’s election time yet again. We, the taxpayers of Montgomery County, are to be afforded the opportunity to select individuals to head up the very first Legislature of Montgomery County.

For the last 23 years I have been following our county workings. In that time frame, we have seen some elected to office who have done or tried to do some great things for the benefit of all county residents and taxpayers. At the same time, we have seen some who have always done or tried to do things with the minority of residents and taxpayers in mind.

In my opinion, when someone gets very comfortable in one’s job, the focus on that job tends to change. This is something seen in all jobs, but here in Montgomery County, the Board of Supervisors has seemed to master the art of doing such things.

For me, it’s a no-brainer. I have the chance to vote for new blood, new ideas and the end of a very old way of doing things. I wish I could say that most of the registered voters of our county follow along with what goes on in county business. Sadly, I know for a fact that far too many don’t. Over the years, there have been many examples to prove why many in office right now are not doing what’s right for the county, let alone what’s right for the taxpayers.

Most recently, the state audit of the county books has said what many taxpayers have been saying since way before my time. Why vote for the old mentality in a new form of government that is going to cost us more but could provide for a much better future in Montgomery County? My opinion is that putting new individuals who don’t have much experience into the new form of county government can’t be any worse than leaving things the same. We have resources on the local level, state level and private sector that have pledged to help not only get things off the ground with our new form of government, but see it flourish into the future.

It’s time to seriously start working on improving the way of life in Montgomery County for all. Please vote for new blood on election day for county legislator positions and the executive position. In a couple of years, hopefully, we will have more new blood to add to the ones from this election cycle.